The municipality of Calvià, located in the western part of the island of Majorca, has been an intensely occupied territory by the different peoples that have inhabited it throughout history, from prehistoric times to the modern day.

More than a million tourists visit each year the municipality of Calvià, located in southwest Mallorca, attracted by its hotel offer and complementary and especially for the numerous beaches that are found along its 54 km of coastline, some of which have Recognized with the Blue Flag badge. Numerous services in which different public and private agents intervene and where varied interests coexist, are developed in this environment.

There are two elements that condition and define the wildlife of Calvià: One is the Mediterranean climate of the area, which conditions the type of vegetation and the life that develops it; And another is insularity, which is fundamental to understand the municipality’s natural heritage.

Despite being, like the rest of Mallorca, a territory conditioned by the insularity, Calvià is very rich in wildlife species and especially in endemic, given the varied typology of media that is given.