COJI Objectives

Develop a means of social integration in all European countries by promoting cultural and sports exchanges in favor of young islanders, with a spirit of fair play and mutual knowledge through sporting events and competitions. The “Jeux des Iles” aim to make young generations more alive to solidarity between generations, fair play in sport and respect for their environment to make them true citizens of the world. What is the C.O.J.I. Desires also: To use these exchanges as a privileged means of communication throughout Europe so that everyone is aware of the social and cultural differences of others and accepts them. Develop a company spirit, exchange of experiences and cooperation among young people. Value the need to promote sport as a point of integration and social cohesion and a brotherhood school for all citizens of Europe. Develop cooperation in projects of cities and regions of the Mediterranean edge. To be in favor of exchanging fruitful between the interested islands. Promote sport for the sustainable development of the islands